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We select fresh produce daily from our region’s finest produce markets. In addition, we work closely with nearby farms to bring you top-quality offerings including delicious apple cider, luscious strawberries, crisp cauliflower and beautiful Concord grapes. If it’s in season locally, we have it!

We pre-wash and hand-trim our lettuce and other greens so that you can use every leaf and we offer an extensive line of organic fruits and vegetables to satisfy any taste.

Looking for something in particular? We will work with you to locate items that your recipe requires — just ask our produce staff!

Employee Spotlight

Produce Manager, 2017

Meet Waide, the Produce Wizard at Janssens Market! If you’ve ever marveled at the freshest fruits and veggies in town, you have Waide to thank. His passion for all things green and delicious knows no bounds! From crisp apples to leafy greens, Waide’s commitment to quality is unmatched. Plus, he’s always ready with a smile.

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“The Holiday Gift Baskets your team created were absolutely fabulous. Our clients were absolutely thrilled to receive them and extremely enthusiastic about the quality of the contents.”
Jim D.
"Their produce is so beautiful, I just want to eat everything I see."
Jill K.

Did you know?

Their produce is so beautiful, I just want to eat everything I see.

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